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Project Management Life Cycle

November 6 2018

Project Management Life Cycle

…Avoiding confusion with Project Life Cycle


Project Management Life Cycle vs Project Life Cycle

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many cases where these two are used interchangeably without acknowledging that they are truly two different and distinct things.

The Project Management Life Cycle is defined by the methodology used to manage projects in your organization. MPMM©, like the PMBOK©, utilizes Initiation, Planning, Executing, and Closure phases in the PMLC.

The Project Life Cycle (PLC) lives mostly within the Executing phase of the PMLC. If the project is a software development project that PLC will often be referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Its just a unique case of a Project Life Cycle. Furthermore, the SDLC may differ depending on your approach to software development — think Agile vs Waterfall.

Individual projects, being unique in nature, may have different Project Life Cycles. Think about the difference between an Agile software development project to build a new iOS app and a large infrastructure project that is building out a new data center. Both are going to have very different Project Life Cycles — but, when executed by the same PMO organization they will adhere to the same consistent PMLC to ensure proper management and governance are in place.

Typically, Project Life Cycles will live inside the Project Schedule (think, MS Project file). They will have very different steps, phases and cycles of execution in order to deliver their objective.

To keep your projects on track and avoid getting confused rely on Method23 templates and MPMM project methodology.



Portfolio Management

October 15 2018

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