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New Project Management Templates

December 31 2005

Method123 Ltd, today announced the release of a new suite of templates for projects. The project management templates help managers to complete project documentation by offering pre-formatted documents written by project professionals.

The documents are quite different than anything else in the market because they have already been structured and populated with all of the standard content that teams need, to create a project deliverable. Each document has been aligned with the worldwide standards PMI and Prince2, and they come with all of the tables, forms and charts that are needed to complete each document quickly.

“We’ve gone one step further than the rest” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd. “We’ve actually written templates that offer all of the content you need to create a project document easily. Each template has completion instructions, tips and hints so users know what needs to be filled in and where. And where relevant, they contain practical examples so that you can see the types of content that need to be added to each section.” intends to create a unique selling position in the market, because the templates cover the entire Project Management Life Cycle. Each Project Management Template fits neatly together, to cover all of the activities included within the Project Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure phases of a project.

“This way, no matter what the task is that you have to complete in a project, there is a practical project management template there to support you” says Westland. “The Project Management Kit of templates contains 50+ detailed templates for projects. It’s suitable to all project types, sizes and industries and it has been written by professionals in project management. This new release is targeted at the Project Manager level however it’s also suitable for project management consultants and trainers, as well as project offices.”

This week, Method123 Ltd also announced that more than 1 million customers are using their templates in 210 countries around the world. This positions Method123 as leaders in the Online Project Management tools market segment, which is starting to dominate the project management industry. They also have a strong presence in the Project Management Methodology market segment.

In the future, Method123 plan to release other types of project management templates, specified to popular industries. The first industries that will be focused on include Software Development Projects, Information Technology Projects and Telecommunications Projects. They will then focus on building templates for the Construction, Telecommunication’s and Engineering industries.

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