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Request for Proposal and Project Management Templates

November 10 2006

Request for Proposal and Project Management Templates

At some point during the Planning phase, you may have identified the need to outsource a part of your project delivery to an external supplier. Whether you want to outsource the entire scope of your project or you simply wish to procure a set of goods or services from suppliers, you will need to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) using a set of project management templates or using your project management software.

An RFP is exactly what it implies—it’s a request for a proposal from suppliers. The project management templates inform suppliers of the process for submitting a proposal as well as the information needed to complete the proposal document.

Creating a comprehensive RFP project management templates document is critical to selecting the right supplier for your project—as it allows you to obtain a range of proposals from suppliers and to select a preferred supplier to the project, based on the best proposal submitted.

The following sections are included within an RFP document:

1. Introduction. Provide a brief summary of your project and describe the process and rules for submitting a proposal.
2. Company. List the information you need to know about the suppliers Company such as their vision, objectives, market share, customers, expertise and experience.
3. Solution. List the information needed to understand the solutions proposed by the supplier, including the total quantity of each solution proposed.
4. Implementation. List the information you need to understand the price of each of the solutions proposed by the supplier. This will allow you to compare the total price of solutions offered by suppliers.
5. Other Information. List any other information needed to enable a supplier to complete a detailed proposal for the supply of goods and services to the project, such as product specifications, marketing materials or staff profiles. You might also want them to agree to a confidentiality clause to ensure that the information included within the RFP is retained by the supplier and not made publicly available.

And that’s it! By completing the steps listed above, you can provide specific information to request that suppliers complete detailed proposals for the supply of goods and services to your project. And by collating these proposals, you can then select the right supplier from your completed project management templates.

If you would like to download a Request for Proposal template to help you create a RFP quickly and effectively, then click ‘Request for Proposal’ above.