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Top Project Management Customers

March 1 2008

Today, Method123 Ltd announced that over the past year, a number of profile customers have joined the “Official Customer List” for Method123 Ltd.

The customers include NASA, Disney, Vodafone, Shell, Oracle, Unicef, Manpower, Seimens, Nike, BP and Dell to mention a few.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve doubled our customer base. We have attracted more than 120 large high profile customers this year, despite the recession” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.

“It’s fantastic. These companies have taken our complete project management template set and customized them to meet their needs. They have also added in their existing templates and changed the terminology to match their own so that it’s much easier for their internal teams to adopt.”

“Changing a company’s internal culture is the hardest thing to do in an organization, so one good way to change a culture to improve project management practices is to introduce new project management templates. By doing this, project managers and teams immediately get value out of the toolsets introduced and it makes it easier to introduce other process improvements at a later date. Project management templates are great change enablers.” says Westland. 

Method123 currently has over 150,000 customers in 250+ countries. For more information, visit