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Career and Project Management Templates

April 28 2008

Using Project Management Templates in Your Project Career

Would you interested in boosting your Project Management career? Christmas is often the perfect time to reflect back on your Project Management career using your completed Project Management Templates to date and set a new path for the coming years. If you’re like to get the most out of your career, then read this newsletter. It will give you tips and tricks on…

Project Management Career Building

A lot people find themselves in Project Management by chance. They were offered a role, took it because it looked like fun and now they’re running on “go-go juice” (pure adrenalin) trying to coordinate people, time and money to meet expectations. It’s pretty hard scheduling a career around this.

However the Christmas period usually gives people a chance to reflect on the year to date and plan ahead for the following year. So use this time wisely, by reflecting on our advice below…

Dream jobs

Your dream job might be something like “to be a professional soccor player” or “leading climbers up Mount Everest ” and it may have nothing to do with project management at all – but by defining your dream job and what it has to offer, you will set the scene for where you are in your career now and will paint a clear picture of the road ahead. It will also help you define where you want to be in 5 years time, which is critical to setting a clear career path.

Long term goals

How will you ever achieve your long term goal if you don’t know what it is? Give it a try by thinking about the type of role you want to be doing in 5 years time and what it would involve. For instance, do you want to be a PM high flier, have your own business, an industry expert or to retire? Whatever it is, write down a detailed description of your 5 year goal and what it is about this goal that makes it attractive.

Navel Gazing

Now think about where you are and how that matches your long term goal. How far are you from meeting your goals? List in detail all of the things that are different between your current role and your long term goal. Then prioritize those differences, so you know which are more important to you. For instance, is taking on more challenging projects more important than earning more money?


Take some time to decide how serious you are about achieving your long term goal and what you are prepared to do about it. For instance, if it requires more responsibility, a larger team and more stress, are you really willing to take this on board?

Feel proud about the goal you decided on. Only a fraction of the workforce actually succeed in setting a long term personal goal. Tell others about what you have decided. The more you tell others about what you’re going to achieve, the more you will believe that you can achieve it. Self-motivation is critical to a promising career.

Action Plan

It’s now time to set out an action plan. Between your current role and your ideal long term role, which interim roles will you need to fulfill? Create your own career plan, by defining each of these roles using project management tools and how they are going to help you to realize your dream.

Describe what it is that you expect to get out of each role (e.g. what you will learn or the types of experience gained) and then add timescales to each role, so you have a plan of attack.

Taking the Plunge

Talk through your plan with your current boss to get their feedback and support. Bounce it off a mentor, friend or colleague. Don’t let anyone put you off. If you believe in it yourself and it feels right then stick to it.

Look for opportunities that constantly match your action plan and when you’re ready, take the plunge. You will feel more empowered and confident in your abilities, by driving your career yourself. And you’ll boost your chances of achieving that dream job.

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