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Project Management Templates & Work Life II

July 7 2008

Project Management Templates and your Work/ Life Balance II

Believe it or not, as Project Manager you can have a great work life, and personal life at the same time. It’s called having a good “work / life balance” and you get it when you prioritize your life as highly as you do your work. In this second of two newsletters, we’ll offer 5 more tips to help you…

Get a Work / Life Balance on Projects Part II

In the last newsletter, we helped you set work / life goals, balance your work and personal time, look after yourself and add some pizzazz to life. So if you’re game enough to try more, then try these 5 additional tips and use our Project Managmenet Templates in getting the right work / life balance today:

Tip 1: One a Week

What do you have a passion for? Is it arts, sciences, sport or something wacky? Whatever it is, try and move heaven and earth to make it happen once a week, every week. Tell yourself: this is the one time in the week there it’s ‘MY TIME’’ – then stick to it. You’ll find it incredibly rewarding. In fact, you’ll start looking forward to that activity each week, because you know you’ll have fun doing it.

Tip 2: One a Day

In addition to the “one a week” activity above, kick off a “one-a-day” as well. Make it something small, to ensure you find the time to do it. It could be “spending 10 minutes reading a magazine”, “going for a walk around the block” or “calling a friend”. As long as it’s enjoyable, then make it a regular time in your daily schedule. This is the hardest tip of them all to keep to, but the most beneficial in the long run. If you’re serious about your work / life balance, then you will be able to find 10-15 minutes in the day (every day) to do this. Oh—remember to make it fun! Use project management templates to prioritize your time.

Tip 3: Find a Peer

Nothing beats having a peer to do this with you. Find someone who wants to get the same out of life. Open up to them and tell them what you want to achieve. Then work together to motivate each other to achieve the personal goals you set. Meet bi-weekly, to talk about what you’ve struggled with and what you’ve achieved. Then advise each other on what can be done to improve. Peers can provide the support needed to make a real difference in someones life. So choose your peer wisely and work together to achieve your joint goals.

Tip 4: Rewards

While peers can motivate you, true motivation comes from within. So to help you meet your goals, set yourself a reward for achieving them. The reward doesn’t need to cost a lot, for instance, it might be “taking 2 days off work to share with my family”. The most important thing is that it reward is something that means a lot to you and is worth fighting for.

Tip 5: Feeling Proud

If you can achieve your goals or even get half way there, then feel proud about having done it! We know that it takes a lot of effort to make a change in your life. So feel proud about what you’ve achieved. This sense of pride will show in your work and your personal life. And guess what? You’ll have gained new enjoyment from life, so it has to be good!

This newsletter was written by the makers of Method123—showing you we care.