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How to Boost your Project Career

August 27 2008

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How to Boost your Project Career

You can work hard your entire career but not achieve the results you want. But by focusing your efforts in the right places, you can achieve outstanding results. Here are 5 valuable tips on how to do it.

Always deliver the goods

The easiest way to become successful is to “ride the wave of your success”. This means focusing hard on delivering your projects on time and under budget. You might have to apply some heavy-weight-boxer tactics to get there, but only by delivering projects on time will you be able to drive your career in the right direction.

Choose the right projects

You could manage 100+ projects on time, and never get the career boost you want. The trick is in managing the right projects. Start by managing bigger projects than you’ve managed before. Then when you’re ready, take on projects that are critical to the success of the organization. It’s these projects that get the attention of your Executive Team. Choose your project wisely. Look for projects that are; core to your business, have full buy-in and are for your most important customers. Yes, these projects are more risky to your career but they also pay the highest dividends if you complete them successfully.

Ride your own wave

Great, so you’ve delivered some business-critical projects on time. Now make a song and dance about it! Throw a project closure party and invite your Sponsor. Issue press releases, write-ups in newsletters and tell everyone you know about it. Get your Sponsor involved and make them look good. Make your Sponsor feel proud of you and your team. Then pitch for the next business critical project, boosting your value to the business.

Ride someone else’s wave

Find a manager above you who is highly respected by the CEO of the company and try and work for them. As they advance in their career, you’ll advance along with them. Make yourself indispensible to them by taking over tasks that they find stressful. Do what it takes to make their job a breeze. And before you know it, they will be the next CEO and you’ll be the next “golden boy or girl”.

Put in the hard yards

It’s one thing to “play the game” to boost your career, but it’s another to genuinely work hard. Put in the hard yards by working harder and being more focused. Really give it your best shot. If you choose the right projects, shout out about your successes, find the right manager to work for and put in the hard yards, then you’ll be sure to achieve your career goals.

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