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Why to use Project Management Template

September 3 2008

So why should you use a Project Management Template

If you are a project manager, project leader, business owner or a team member, then you will know that it’s a tough challenge, delivering projects on time. The single most important thing that project sponsors look for is delivering within the assigned schedule. So time is your friend, and your foe.

Therefore, anything you can do to deliver your projects faster than before will become extremely valuable to you. That’s where project management templates kick in. They save your time. So why is that, you ask?

Well it’s simple. On every project, you will need to complete standard documents such as a project plan, records risks and document issues. These all require the creation of project documents, which take you time.

After years of research, we have found that most project managers have to complete the same types of documents across all of their projects. So to help managers complete these documents faster than before, we created a set of project management templates to support them.

By providing project managers with templates that are already pre-completed, it saves them time as they never have to start writing new documents from scratch. They can simply select a template and fill it in. It’s that easy.

All of our templates are pre-formatted, with a table of contents, instructions for completion, and practical examples to help. This saves the project manager typically 50% of their time, as the focus is then on completing the sections, as opposed to working out what sections they need to complete.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Templates save you time, which is a scarce commodity in projects. By saving you time, it helps you deliver within the schedule assigned to you.

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