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Project Charter Template

October 8 2008

Project Charter Template

Today, announced their latest online tool, which helps create Project Management Charters.

The Project Charter Template helps project managers and teams around the world, to complete one of the most critical tasks in any project– the creation of the Project Charter document. During this phase, the project manager sets out the vision for the project and defines the structure of the project team. It is one of the most critical phases in the project life cycle, because the Project Charter specifies the people, processes and structure needed to complete the project on time.

“By offering project managers and teams a comprehensive template toolset for creating a Project Charter, we hope to positively influence the way that projects are run around the world” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director for Method123 Ltd.

“The template walks people through the process of creating a Project Charter and it includes detailed steps, hints, tips and practical examples along the way. While there are a lot of these types of project management templates on the market, few actually delve into the details, or are written professionally and suit all types of projects. There is where Method123 stands out from the rest. Out templates are incredibly comprehensive. They step you through the entire project management life cycle from initiation to closure, and they include practical examples along the way. Our customers find them informative and refreshing, saving them time and effort completing project deliverables”.

This latest project management template takes a Project Manager through the process of creating a Project Charter from start to finish. It begins by helping the Project Manager to set out the vision, objectives, scope and deliverables for the project. It then helps set out the structure for the project, by defining the customers and stakeholders, as well as the roles and responsibilities for each member of the team. And finally, it sets the overall project direction by including a summarized project plan, resource plan, financial plan and quality plan for the team.

This new template also helps managers to identify project risks and issues upfront, so any item which is likely to impact on delivery is identified before the project execution begins.

With more than 150,000 project managers and team members on their newsletter, being the largest project community in the world, Method123 intend to further boost project success with the release of this latest template toolset.

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