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Project Management Templates for Universities

October 15 2008

Latest News:

Today, Method123 Ltd announced the release of a free 7 day trial of their project software for universities.

This project management methodology software helps lecturer and students gain an increased appreciation of the topic of project management. It steps people through the entire project management life cycle, in a simple, easy to understand manner. It points out the core principles involved in managing projects, with the intention of allowing lecturers and students to gain knowledge quickly.

Lecturers are able to take the materials and immediately use them to set course syllabuses, create presentation materials and run training courses in project management. The materials describe all of the steps involved in initiating, planning executing and closing projects successfully. For every step in the process, a suite of examples are provided to guide lecturers and students accordingly. The examples are based on real-life scenarios and offer educational institutions the ability to show students what it takes to deliver a project on time and within budget.

“Lecturers are faced with the challenge of creating a massive volume of materials for their courses, in a very short period of time” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123. “They only have a few weeks each semester in which to create an entire course curriculum complete with lecture notes, class materials and student exercises. This is a very intensive task, for which there are very few aids in the market. By releasing a free 7 day trial of the Educational version of MPMM, we can help lecturers to gain all of the materials they need to perform this task quickly and easily. The materials are structured so that each project management topic is described separately, in depth. So a lecturer can pick up the materials and use them to plan their courses, much more easily”.

The latest software released is the Educational version of MPMM, which is short for the Method123 Project Management Methodology. The project lifecycle included within MPMM has been used by more than 100,000 project managers and teams around the world, to boost their project success.

“In addition to helping lecturers” says Westland, “the Educational version also helps students to pass their courses. It gives them all of the materials they need to study the project management topic to an advanced level. They can start with a summary of the steps taken to deliver a project and then move on to more advanced topics such as risk management, project planning and project execution”.

The Educational edition is tailored towards the execution of small sized projects. In the Standard and Professional editions of their project management methodologies, larger and more complex projects are catered for. This is through the provision of materials around topics such as procurement, supplier and vendor management, and project communications.

To download a free trial of MPMM Educational, visit

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