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November 12 2008

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Project Managers looking for a customizable methodology for projects, can now download one and use it for 14 days, for free.

The methodology, named ‘MPMM Professional’ allows project managers and professionals to create and customize their own methodologies for projects. Short for the ‘Method123 Project Management Methodology’, MPMM allows customers to import their own process processes and documentation into the software and create their own methodology for projects. It already includes an entire methodology out of the box, so project professionals wanting to adopt a fresh approach, can simply take the existing methodology that comes with the online project management software and customize it for their project.

“Our customers wanted a way of creating customized methodologies, to perfectly fit their organization” says Jason Westland, Chief Executive of Method123 Ltd. “They typically want to take their existing project materials and combine them with a best practice process to create their own unique methodology for projects. In this way, the methodology can be tweaked for their particular projects, and it can also be described using their own organizational terminology”.

By offering a free 14 day trial, Method123 hope to attract more people to their site, boosting the growth of the product around the world. MPMM is already used in more than 100 countries, to help teams to keep projects on track. As the only downloadable project management methodology on the market, Method123 have a unique selling proposition for customers wanting to implement customized project management methodologies.

“Ours is the only software on the market that includes a complete project management process for a project, and lets the customer customize the content, within the software itself”, says Westland, “It not only includes more than 1000 content pages, examples and practical examples, but it also includes all of the software features needed to maintain your intellectual property for projects, in one place. You can simply drop and drag your project management templates, processes and forms from your PC, into the document hierarchy included in MPMM Professional. From there, you can rearrange them into folders and then create a logical process for completing each of the documents in order. And if you’re missing a document, you can simply dip into the MPMM repository to find the document you’re looking for and then add that to your document set. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.”

The latest release of MPMM Professional allows users to trial the software for 14 days, after which a license is required to continue use. During the free trial period, users can access all of the methodologies, templates, forms and checklists provided.

For more information regarding the free trial of MPMM Professional, visit