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Project Management Office Software

November 19 2008

Method123 Ltd today announced their latest software suite which helps people set up a Project Management Office for managing their projects.

The software is called ‘MPMM’ and it helps managers and teams to set up and run a Project Management Office. The software includes all of the templates, tools and a project management process for setting up a project office as well as detailed instructions, tips and hints. MPMM stands for the ‘Method123 Project Management Methodology’ and as the name implies, it is a methodology for successfullly managing projects.

“When a person is tasked with setting up a project management office, the first thing they typically do is look online to find resources which will help them” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director for MPMM. “They do this because to set up a Project Office from scratch, they need an extraordinary large number of templates, tools and processes to help them oversee projects within their organization. There is no way that they have the time or resources available to create them from scratch. So that’s where MPMM steps in. It’s available online for download. By implementing it within their project office environment, the manager can immediately obtain all of the templates, tools and processes that they need, to administer their projects. It’s a complete methodology for a project management office.”

MPMM includes an entire project management process which helps a Project Office Manager to put in place a process for their projects. It then goes further by including a suite of templates for every step in the process, as well as a ‘how to’ guide detailed the procedures. The templates, guides and processes save a project office manager time and effort, as they do not need to create all of the Project Office deliverables from scratch. More than 50 detailed templates are included, as well as a comprehensive guidebook describing how to complete each step in the process.

The software goes one step further, by also allowing the Project Office Manager to customize the methodology included in MPMM, and to create unique methodologies of their own. “In this way, a manager can create unique methodologies for unique projects they manage” says Nicholson. “The software is completely customizable. You can change any of the content included, add your own templates and processes, and even import whole methodologies of your own. It’s the ultimate toolset for a Project Office Manager wanting to implement standard project management methodologies across their organization. A Project Office Manager’s job is hard enough, so we thought that by releasing this toolset, we’d make their job easier by giving them everything they need, to positively influence projects witihn their organization”.

The MPMM methodology is owned by Method123 Ltd, a successful New Zealand company offering project management templates and tools. Method123 have more than 30,000 customers and 150,000 project managers and team members around the world on their newsletter, making it the largest online project management community in the world.