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New Project Management Methodology for Managers

January 14 2009

New Project Management Methodology for Managers

MPMM announced today the release of a free trial of their software for project managers and teams.

The software, which stands for the Method123 project management methodology allows project managers to implement projects in a more structured fashion. It helps them to deliver projects in the same repeatable fashion, as opposed to approaching every project differently. By using the same formula for success, they will complete tasks faster than before and they can implement lessons learned from past projects, much more easily.

“Project Managers often fall into the trap of not having the time needed, to work more efficiently” says Jason Westland, CEO of MPMM. “They are under pressure from the outset, as they have to complete a huge number of tasks, within a limited timeframe. So they roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, from day one. As a result, they end up reusing very little intellectual property from past projects, and they often end up experiencing similar issues and problems with new projects they tackle. But if they were to use a more structured approach to managing their projects, then they would often deliver them in a shorter period of time, with less stress.”

“It makes sense that if you want to repeatedly deliver projects on time and under budget, then you need to repeat the same formula for success. This means using some sort of framework that you know works, every time. And the answer is MPMM”.

In the latest edition of MPMM Standard, a framework for success is provided to project managers for a 10 day period for free. This framework includes an entire project management process for managing small to medium sized projects. This life cycle describes how to implement every project in the same manner, to save on time and increase efficiency. The content provided is generic and suits all types of projects, in all industries.

By using it, project managers can apply the same project management processes to every project they undertake. It also includes a suite of project management templates to help project managers save time when creating project deliverables. Every process included has a suite of templates to compliment it. Together the processes and templates cover every aspect of the project management life cycle, from initiation to closure.

MPMM is available in three different project management methodologies. The Educational edition provides lecturers and students with the materials needed to learn and teach project management in universities. The Standard edition provides project managers and teams with the core framework for delivering projects more effectively. And the Professional edition is targeted and organizations and project professionals who want to manage multiple customized methodologies at the same time.

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