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New Project Management Methodology Software

February 11 2009

New Project Management Methodology Software Released

An exciting new software tool set was released today in the Project Management Methodologies space, by Method123 Ltd.

The Project Management Tool set is called MPMM and is available from

“By using this exciting new tool set, Project Managers can now create, customize and share methodologies for projects. Until recently, methodologies have been off-the-shelf products which invariably end up back on the shelf, as they are not customizable.” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director of Method123 Ltd. “Most methodologies are currently available in book or PDF format and are consequently quite difficult to physically implement. While the benefits in using a methodology can be enormous, the problem has always been that methodologies purchased in the market are not customizable, so the user is unable to perfectly fit the methodology into their project environment.”

Method123 is set to change this trend through the release of the downloadable, customizable methodology software called MPMM. The Professional edition of this software not only includes an entire methodology for projects, it also allows users to change or customize it to fit their business. This allows users to tweak the methodology to fit small, medium and large sized projects, or to make changes to fit special or industry specific projects that are relatively unique.

The software also includes the complete suite of Project Management Templates needed to deliver projects from initiation to closure. Each template includes charts, forms and practical examples to help users to complete project documentation quickly and easily. Method123 estimate that this can save up to 20% of the entire cost of the project. By using templates to save time and effort creating project deliverables, project managers have time available to allocate to other areas of the project, thus reducing their project risk.

“We’ve had a huge amount of positive feedback about the latest version of MPMM” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd. “People love the fact that they can customize the methodology included, by adding their own project terminology, templates and practical examples. They also love being able to create new Project Methodology within the toolset. Most of our customers now have hundreds of methodologies stored in MPMM, so that they have a unique customized methodology for every project they undertake. It’s a giant leap forward, for those managers wanting to use repeatable methods for delivering projects successfully.”

While Method123 envisaged the new product set being popular in the methodology space, they did not realize that users would also want to use it as a file store for project documentation. This twist has boosted the value of the product enormously, leading to greater sales than that forecast.

Over the coming months, Method123 plan to release new versions of the MPMM software, to allow people to share methodologies across the web.

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