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Exciting New Project Management Software Released

February 18 2009

Exciting New Project Management Software Released

For Project Managers wanting to create project plans online, has just today released the ultimate solution.

The solution allows managers and teams to login in online and jointly plan projects, in a single workspace. Team members can make changes to a single project plan online, and all view each others changes as they are made. This new exciting Online Project Management Software allows teams across the world to create and view a single plan for their projects.

“It’s the single greatest thing released in the Project Management space, since sliced bread” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director. “No other solution allows an entire team of people spread across the planet, to collaborate on a single project plan, online. And it’s fast and very intuitive. Users can create a task list and be jointly collaborating on projects in minutes.”

The software is primarily aimed at the medium sized business market, with project teams from 10 to a 1000 people. Using the software, a Project Manager creates a draft project plan within and they then share it with their teams. Each team member can login online and alter their portion of the plan, so that it is always kept up to date. “Whether you’re at the airport, an internet café, at work or at home, you can login and update your project plans online.” says Nicholson. “And the beauty of being online is that not only is it available from anywhere, anytime, but it’s always up-to-date.”

While not directly targetted at Microsoft Project Planning Software users, the solution is already gaining enormous traction with Microsoft Project customers, as it allows them to directly import their MS Project Plans and view them immediately online. Microsoft Project is the leading downloadable software suite for project planning and because it is not available as an online solution, offers the perfect companion product to it. Users can take a MS Project Plan and import it directly into, allowing them to share the plan with colleagues, online.

“Before we started out, we surveyed thousands of Project Managers around the world to see what they wanted in an online solution” says Jason Westland, CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. “Everyone wanted a simple way of planning, tracking and reporting on projects, online. They needed to be able to create project plans that were accessible via the web, and then track the progress of those plans through a simple, intuitive project dashboard. So that’s exactly what we gave them.”

Built using the latest Microsoft technology offers the latest in Online Project Management. For more information, see