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Project Management Resources Plans

February 25 2009

Project Management Resources – Plans Released

Leaders in the Project Management Template space, today announced the release of their latest template toolset, for Resource Planning.

The template toolset addresses a unique area of the market, around the creation of resource plans for projects. Few other templates exist on the web, providing managers and teams with a complete example of the creation of a plan for managing project resources.

“One of the most frequent reasons for project failure is that few managers properly plan their resourcing needs” says Craig Nichnolson, Tehnical Director for Method123 Ltd. “And part way through the project, more resources are required than they currently have available. This resource shortage leads to a slip in deadlines, scope creep and team overloading. That’s why it’s critical that a Project Manager creates a detailed Resource Plan at the start of the project. In doing so, they will know exactly how much resource is required, during each step in the life cycle. It also helps them to allocate resource contingency, so that if they get short, then they have spare resource available when needed.”

The project planning template steps the Project Manager through the process of creating a comprehensive resource plan for this project. All of the charts, tables and practical examples needed to create a Resource Plan are included, as well as detailed instructions to help them complete it.

The Resource Plan is typically completed early in the project management life cycle, so that the project manager has an early view of their resourcing needs before they set out. The entire team will have an input to the plan, so that an accurate picture is formed, before the plan is sent to the Project Sponsor for approval.

By releasing a detailed Project Management Template for planning resources, Method123 hope to improve the success rate of projects around the world. Project Managers and teams find templates beneficial because they save them time and effort. The templates offered by Method123 are incredibly comprehensive and are aligned with the worldwide standards for project management, Prince2 and PMI.

Method123 intend to release a suite of new templates for project management, over the coming year. Visit for further details.