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New Job Description Template

March 4 2009

New Job Description Template

Today, Method123 Ltd announced a new suite of tools to help companies define a Job Description job roles.

The tools allow Managers to define every job in the organization, so that performance can be more easily monitored. By completing a Job Description template, Managers can describe every role within their organization in detail.

“If you want to track the performance of your staff, then you have to define what it is that you expect them to achieve,” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director of Method123. “The place to do this is in the Job Description. Few organizations these days have a detailed Job Description Template for every person in the company. This often leads to performance problems because there is nothing against which to compare performance. High growth organizations usually define every role in the organization, in detail. This allows them to set the expectations for each staff member, in terms of what needs to be delivered and by when. By clarifying roles and responsibilities for staff members, there is less confusion and you can easily build a cohesive team all working towards the same goal.”

The Job Description Template helps Managers set out the purpose, responsibilities and reporting relationships for each role in the organization. It also lists the skills, experience and qualifications needed for every person. This helps managers to recruit the right staff, by appointing people who fit the job description perfectly. Where there is a slight mismatch, training is usually needed to upskill the person to fit the role.

Method123 has taken the Job Description toolset one step further by helping Managers to set out the performance criteria for each role in the organization. The theory is that each of the high level objectives for the organization are broken down into smaller sized objectives and these are broken down in turn, until each person in the organization has personal objectives to meet. The performance criteria define the way that each objective will be measured. It’s a simple formula for success.

“We believe that organizations that define their roles in greater depth, experience a faster rate of growth than others,” says Nicholson. “The reason is that by defining roles based around organizational objectives, you can build a common sense of direction and therefore motivate teams towards a single goal. It’s then easier to motivate teams and it boosts job satisfaction. The benefits from using these tools are enormous.”

Method123 offer a complete suite of Project Management Templates which help managers and teams to deliver projects successfully. Their flagship product is the Method123 Project Management Methodology which enables teams to create and manage methodologies for projects. And recently, Method123 released their Project Management Software online. For more information, visit