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New Tools for a Project Management Office

March 25 2009

New Tools for a Project Management Office

Method123 Ltd today announced the release of a suite of new tools for running a Project Management Office.

The tools help a Project Office Managers to set up a project office for managing and controlling projects within an organization. The tools help ensure that all of the right steps are taken to set up the project office quickly and efficiently.

“The task of setting up a project office is a challenging one,” says Craig Nicholson, Method123 Technical Director. “First, you have to get the buy-in and support of the entire senior management team, because only with their support can you ensure that projects are undertaken properly. Then you have to create the project office mandate, set up the office and implement a governance structure for every project undertaken within the organization. It’s no simple task. But using this simple toolset which lists all of the steps you need to take, you can set up and run a project office quicky and easily.”

This is the latest in a wide variety of Project Management Office tools released by Method123 for Project Office Managers. The tools allow managers and teams to better influence and control the undertaking of projects within their organization. They offer processes, methods and templates as well as practical examples for the operation of a project management office. Supplemented with the use of project management templates, the latest tools complete a project office manager’s toolkit.

“Few project offices are able to exert the authority needed to properly influence projects within their department or organization,” says Nicholson. “Without the right level of buy-in, the right staff, budget and tools for the job, it’s impossible to succeed. But using the right tools, templates and project management methodologies, it becomes easier to track projects. One way to track your project is using smart Online Project Management Software, such as”.

Over the coming months, Method123 intend to release further templates and tools for the creation and operational management of a project management office. In fact, an entire methodology is being created strictly for this purpose, to be released later in 2009. The methoodlogy will include thousands of templates, processes, forms, checklists and practical examples to make the task of running a project office easier. There is very little content available on this topic on the internet, so Method123 hope to capture a new market segment in this area, as soon as possible.

With more than 150,000 customers in every country around the globe, Method123 are one of the fastest growing internet-based project management companies in the world. For more information on their flagship products, see, and