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Striking New Project Management Tools

April 1 2009

Striking New Project Management Tools Released

Today, Method123 Ltd released new Project Management tools for improving project success.

Aptly named the Method123 Project Management Methodologies, or MPMM for short, this new toolset helps project managers and teams deliver projects in a standard, repeatable way.

The toolset includes an entire methodology for projects. The methodology describes to managers and team members, how to deliver projects step-by-step. Every step is described in depth, so that managers know what they have to complete, how and by when. The responsibilities of every team member are described and their tasks are clearly stated. This helps give teams a clear understanding of the road ahead.

As well as a methoodlogy for projects, the new toolset includes every project management process needed to monitor and control projects. The processes help managers to control time, cost and quality on projects. They also help control changes, risks and issues. Further processes are included for the management of suppliers, procurement and customers. Every process includes detailed procedures so the manager knows during each step in the journey, how to control their projects and ensure a timely delivery.

“We have included an entire suite of templates within MPMM,” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director. “The templates save managers time and effort by giving them a head start when creating project deliverables. Each template includes all of the charts and tables needed to fill it in quickly and easily. They add immense value to the overall toolset. There are more than 50 templates included. In fact, there is a template for every step in the project management life cycle, so you never have to start from scratch.”

The last major component of this new toolset for project managers is the inclusion of a suite of practical examples for projects. Every step in the life cycle has a completed example, which describes for a sample project how to complete the step efficiently. The examples are based on real-life projects and have been recorded by real project managers with real-life issues. This is the first time that a suite of project examples have been included within a downloadable and installable project management product.

As well as this toolset for projects, Method123 has also released new online project management software. It allows project managers to monitor and track projects olnine. For more infomration, see and