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Software Project Management Tools

April 8 2009

A new software suite was announced today at for the management of project teams.

This project management software helps teams to track their progress and efficiency online. With an intelligent project dashboard, project planner and reports, teams can log in and track their progress online.

The Project Dashboard tells teams whether they are ahead of or behind schedule, as well as their total spend to date against budget. It tells them when they need to increase their productivity and when they need to trim back on costs. It also tells them their work efficiency in closing tasks on time, and their overall progress to date. Using 3D charts and forms, the software provides a visual representation of the status of the project. It even depicts the health of the project, on a health chart.

“We have used every piece of available technology to offer Project Managers and teams the latest in Online Project Management” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director. “Customers can log in from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night to check on the status of ther projects. And the beauty is that it’s always up to date. No longer do you have to enter data and fiddle with spreadsheets to calculate your project progress. You can simply add your tasks, enter timesheets and expense forms and the software does the rest. We believe that is currently the smartest project management software in the world, online.”

“Another unique feature of is its ability to plan projects online. All of the features needed to create comprehensive project plans and track their progress have been included, as well as the ability to track the actual versus planned views. Anyone in the project team can log in and update their project plans. They can enter time using Timesheets and the time is recorded against the project plan automatically,” says Nicholson.

“ also includes a full suite of project reports that help you identify whether you’re on track. They save you time, because you can create your Project Status Report at the click of a button. Each report tells you whether you’re on time and under budget. They are professionally designed and can easily be automatically emailed to your colleagues.”

As well as the ability to monitor and track projects, this software allows teams to track issues and manage risks and changes through to completion. The issue tracker allows the recording of issues against the project. The risk register helps projects identify risks and schedule tasks to mitigate them. And the change controller helps you formally log and impement changes to your project team.

In the future, a suite of Project Management Templates and a Project Management Methodology will be added to the unique list of features offered by