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Project Management Life Cycle Software

April 15 2009

New Project Management Life Cycle Software

Today at, new Project Life Cycle software was released online.

The software helps Project Managers to undertake all of the phases, activities and tasks in the Project Management Life Cycle. It helps people deliver projects successfully because it tells them what needs to be done to complete their project, how and by when. Most software in the market facilitates the delivery of projects, but this new software suite actually tells managers how to complete projects on time and under budget.

“If you want all of your projects to be undertaken in the same way, then MPMM is for you,” says Jason Westland, CEO. “Implementing projects in the same way has enormous benefits. Your teams know upfront which tasks they need to undertake to complete their projects. They know how they will track time, cost and quality and they know how to handle suppliers, procurement and communications. If they always use the same repeatable processes for projects, then they can gain economies of scale by doing tasks faster than before. This takes project management to a whole new level. Suddenly instead of every project being different and therefore heavily time-consuming, every project is undertaken in the same way – making the completion of tasks faster and more efficient than before.”

The new tool kit includes an entire Project Life Cycle for delivering projects. The methodology takes people through the process of delivering a project, ste-by-step. Every step is explained in depth, so that each member of the team knows what they need to do and when. This makes the project manager’s job easier, because everyone in the team has a clear understanding of what is expected of them. The project sponsor also knows which process the project manager is going to follow to deliver their projects, boosting their confidence and setting their expectaitons. This increases sponsor buy-in and boosts the level of support offered to project teams.

As well as these features, the tool kit also allows teams to create and customize new Project Management Methodologies for projects. They can create as many methodologies as they wish and implement them for projects. This enables companies to add theor own terminology and specific processes and procedures to their projects, so that the methodology used for a project is customized to meet the project manager’s requirements.

The tool kit also offers a Project Management Book which allow teams to create deliverables quickly and easily. There is a project management template for every step in the project management life cycle. Each template provides the project team with a suite of practical examples to save them time and hassle creating deliverables.

Combined with Online Project Management Software, this new methodology and life cycle tool kit gives teams a real chance of delivering their project successfully. For more information, visit