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Building a Successful Business Case

April 22 2009

Building a Successful Business Case

Interested in building successful Business Cases? Here are some helpful hints from our Method123 Business Case template:

A Business Case outlines the justification for start-up of a project. It includes:

  • a description of the business problem or opportunity;
  • a list of the available options for delivering a solution;
  • the benefits and costs associated with each alternative solution; and
  • the recommended solution for implementation.

Document your Business Case in 4 easy steps:

Define Problem:

Document the business problem or opportunity. Undertake an Environmental Analysis describing the industry technology, political, statutory, commercial and competitor environment and outline how this environment combined with your particular business strategy has resulted in the need for a solution.

Identify Solutions:

Identify all of the alternative solutions to your business problem or opportunity. For each alternative solution, describe the benefits, costs, feasibility, risks and issues associated with building and implementing the solution proposed.

Recommend Solution:

Rank each solution in terms of its benefits, costs, feasibility and risks and then recommend the preferred solution for implementation.

Plan Implementation:

Describe in detail, each of the activities, timescales and resources required to implement the recommended solution.

For further information, read this Project Management Book.