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Building a Project Charter

June 17 2009

Project Tips:

Building a “Project Charter”

Interested in building a successful Project Charter? Here are some helpful hints from our Method123 Project Charter template:

A Project Charter is a document which outlines the purpose of the project, the way the project will be structured and how it will be successfully implemented.

Document your Project Charter in 4 easy steps:

  • Project Definition: Document the Vision, Objectives, Scope and Deliverables of the project. This section describes what the purpose of the project is and what must be delivered to meet the customer requirements.
  • Project Organisation: Define who will take part in the project and the reporting relationships between these parties. This includes defining the roles and responsibilities for each project resource, supplier and in some cases even customers
  • Project Plan: Provide an overview of ‘how’ the project will be undertaken by inserting a high level Project Plan, Resource Plan, Financial Plan and Quality Plan to ensure that the project will meet the time, cost and quality targets required.
  • Project Considerations: Lastly, list any risks, issues, constraints and assumptions identified and the actions required to reduce their likelihood and potential impact on the project.

How to Initiate a Project

To efficiently Initiate a project, you will need to undertake the following steps:

  • Document the business problem/opportunity and alternative solutions available, within a Business Case
  • Conduct a Feasibility Study to investigate the likelihood of each solution option addressing the business problem and put forward a recommended solution
  • Document a Terms of Reference by outlining the objectives, scope and structure of the new project
  • Appoint a Project Manager who will then recruit a skilled project team and establish a formal Project Office environment
  • Seek formal approval to move into the detailed planning phase.