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The Value of Project Templates

September 2 2009

Every Project Manager has old documentation lying around, they they often refer to for new projects. But it takes time to sift through it all to find what you want, only then to have to rewrite it all for your new project. That’s where templates come in useful. Read on, to learn…

The Value of Project Templates

We’re often asked “Why are templates so valuable” so we thought we’d answer the question in this newsletter. There are 5 reasons why managers and teams find templates so useful. They are as follows:

They save you time

On every new project, you have to fill-in documents to plan, track and report on the status of your project. The process of filling in documents, takes time. Especially when many of the documents are a one-off.

By using templates, you can save time completing project documents. Well written templates should already be pre-formatted with all of the sections, tables, charts and forms you need to fill-in. This way, you can avoid having to spend time formatting your documents and purely focus on filling them in. On average, most people save 25% of their time completing project documents, by using properly formatted project templates.

They give you direction

The first step most people go through when they know they have to create a project document, is to search the internet or their file folder to work out what it is that needs to be included. But if you use good quality templates, then they will direct you through the steps you need to take to create each project document. Direction is important because if you go down the wrong track with your document, your project will be at risk.  Proper project templates will keep you headed in the right direction, by making sure you complete the right content at the right time.

They make it easier

In short, a good quality plan will make the task of creating a project document, as easy as 1-2-3. You don’t have to stress about what need to go in your document, how to format it or how to write it up. The template will tell you what information needs to be entered and where. And it should include practical examples to help you along the way.This makes your job easy.

They boost your quality

It makes sense that if you’re completing a high quality template, that you will generate high quality documentation. If you want to generate documents of the quality that professional project management consultants generate, then use Project Management Methodologies that match this level of quality. By using top quality templates to deliver top quality documents, you will boost your project success.

They give you confidence

Have you ever been asked to write a document that you’re unfamiliar with or have never written before? If so, then by using a template, you will have the document layout, tables, charts and completion instructions at your finger tips. All you need to do is to fill-in the gaps. By using templates to complete new documents, you will gain a higher level of confidence in your work, helping you to excel.

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