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New Business Case Template Toolset

September 8 2009

Project Management News:

Innovators in the online project management space, Method123 today announced that they have released a new toolset for documenting business cases in an organization.

The new toolset provides teams with project management templates for all of the initial steps involved in starting up a project, including the documentation of a business case, feasibility study and project charter. “These new tools help a project manager to put a solid stake in the ground before they set out” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.

“If you want to deliver projects successfully, then you need to identify upfront, what it is that the project is setting out to achieve. The business case template helps you do that. You can quickly and easily set out the project vision, objectives and scope of the project and agree them with your project sponsor. The template then helps you to do a cost benefit analysis to determine whether the project is financial viable. And lastly, it helps you to determine the feasibility of the project, by completing an in-depth feasibility study”.

By confirming that projects are financially viable before they set out, Method123 hope to improve the level of project success around the world. Since they pioneered the “online project management template” back in August 2000, they have given away millions of free templates to project managers and teams around the world. With more than 30,000 customers and 140,000 people on their bi-weekly newsletter, Method123 are going from strength to strength.

“Our goal is to be the leader in online project management worldwide, and we’re close to achieving it” says Westland. “We have a known credible brand, a strong following and a fantastic online presence. And besides, we love helping people to deliver their project successfully. Every day we help thousands of people around the world to deliver more projects on time and under budget. Also, the project management templates we provide offer people fantastic value for money, because they can half the time it takes to complete project documents. That time saving can make a big difference to a Project Manager who has a business critical project to deliver”.

The latest business case template tool set is unique in the market because it includes a suite of practical examples to help project managers and teams to initiate their projects properly. It takes customers through the process of documenting a business case, step-by-step. This includes researching the basis for the project, identifying available solutions and choosing a solution that best fits the project objectives. A feasibility study is then completed to determine whether or not the preferred solution can feasibly be implemented.

The release of the business case tool set is the latest in a suite of new project management templates released by Method123.

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