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Business Case Project Management Template

December 14 2009

Method123 just announced the release of its new Project Management Template for creating a Business Case for new projects.

According to Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd, the Business Case document is a critical tool for getting your project funded and approved.  And by using the Method123 template for this, you’ll be able to identify your return on investment and other critical benefits of the project aimed at getting a swift go-ahead from your project sponsor.

As Jason states, “It’s all about getting approvals.  Our template can help you do just that.  Our new template lays everything out for the inexperienced user – it’s very simple.  By filling out the information requested in the Online Project Management template, you will be able to present the best possible business case for getting your project approved and ready for the next phase.”

With Method123’s Business Case template, you can easily perform the following functions:

– Check the market and identify alternative possible solutions
– Document the ROI of the proposed solution you are seeking
– Document upfront possible issues and risks associated with the project
– Recommend a best solution to your project sponsor
– Package all the information for final funding approval

Creating the Business Case can sometimes be a tricky undertaking.  Unlike competitors’ templates, Method123’s Business Case template will step the project manager through the process, provide real-world examples for each section to use as guidelines, and layout out best practice approaches to give you the best chance for success.

“The Business Case is a critical piece of a company’s project management methodology.  It is essential for every project and is something you go back to again and again to see if the Project Plan is still on track,” states Mr. Westland.  “At the end of the day, success is often measured not just against budget and timeframe but against the ability to meet the objectives defined by the Business Case.  It can be the single most important document to get your project off on the right foot.”

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