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New Project Management Risk Plan Template

December 24 2009

New Project Management Template Risk Plan released by Method123 to enhance their overall Project Management Kit offering

As part of Method123’s never-ending effort to bring you the best and most efficient tools possible as part of their Project Management template Kit, they have just released their new Risk Plan template.

“Managing risk on the project is one of the most neglected pieces of the overall project management life cycle puzzle.  Project managers tend to not spend nearly enough time on risk planning and mitigation.  The culprit is usually a lack of proper knowledge, experience and tools,” states Method123 CEO Jason Westland.  “By utilizing our new Risk Plan template, the PM will be able to document anything and everything they need to about risk on their projects.  Through the use of this tool, they’ll keep a good handle on risks throughout the entire engagement.”

Method123’s Risk Planning template allows the Project Manager to capture all necessary information on:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk prioritization
  • Likelihood of risk occurrence
  • Potential risk impact

Jason further states, “Upfront planning to assess risks on a project is not usually the first thing a project manager thinks of as they’re kicking off a project.  Our Project Management Templates makes it easy to tackle that task early on and make it far less burdensome on the PM.  Proactively used, it becomes a positive tool rather than a noose around the project manager’s neck.”

By using Method123’s Risk Planning template, you’ll be able to:

  • See necessary action needed to mitigate specific risks
  • Plan contingency actions to take in case the risks do occur
  • Schedule risk avoidance actions as part of the overall Project Plan
  • Continually monitor risks throughout the project with the team and the customer

As Method123 states, creating an overall risk plan is critical to project success.  Their new Risk Plan template will become an essential project management template to your organization and will help you maintain as much control as possible over the risks you’ll face on your projects.  Method123 continues to do their best to put the most powerful tools in your hands because they understand the challenges you face.

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