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Communication Plan Project Management Template

December 28 2009

Method123 announces the release of their new Communication Plan template

Method123 has once again upgraded their offering in their Project Management Templates by releasing the new Communication Plan template.  This new form is part of their Project Management Tool Kit available at

As Method123 indicates, the upfront Project Planning that happens as part of the company’s overall project management methodology is important as you are kicking off your projects.  Many company’s fail to see the need for a formalized documentation of how project communication will be handled and who will be involved.  However, studies have shown that organizations incorporating a formalized Communication Plan as part of their Project Management Methodology have customer satisfaction ratings that are up to 18 per cent higher than those companies who do not enforce such a plan.  Communication truly is key.

“Establishing the chain of communication including what happens when, who is responsible, and what needs to be accomplished is critical to your project,” states Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.  “Our Communication Plan template steps you through the process of getting this done up front with your customer so you can get your project off on the right foot.”

Method123 contends that regular, formal, and effective communication on a project is a key to project success.  The new Communication Plan template helps you build a plan to ensure that by:

Defining project communication needs
Defining project communication responsibilities
Identifying all contact points on the project
Documenting the schedule for each type of formal communication

“Developing a solid Communication Plan will help the project manager get the right information to the right people on the project and that’s critical to project success,” states Mr. Westland.  “Timely and effective communication can often be the difference between success and failure on a project.”

One more key to project success, states Method123, is the customer satisfaction factor.  By using Method123’s Communication Plan template, you’ll be setting up a foundation of effective communication and everyone on the both teams will know who to communicate with and when.  With this information in place, important project information won’t slip through the cracks and your customer won’t be left out in the cold on important decisions.  Customer satisfaction will be higher.

For more information, visit their website at