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Kick Start your Career with Project Templates

December 31 2009

If you want to kick-start your career, then read this newsletter…

How to Kick Start your Career

If you’ve started the New Year and you’d like to kick start your career, then here’s how to do it…

1: Review where you’re at

Start out by writing down what you wanted out of your career when you started. What did you want to achieve and by when? When look at your progress to date and what you have achieved, are you on track? If you’re not, then where should you be right now?

Also, think about what you’re doing now and the parts of the job that you enjoy and don’t enjoy. Then work out what you’d like to change.

2. Set a goal, but only one!

You now need to set a 3 year goal. Set only one goal, otherwise it will be too hard to remember down the track. Make the goal something that you be proud to have achieved and something that means a lot to you. Make the goal simple to understand, yet challenging to achieve. And where possible, make it measurable—not subjective. For instance, it might be:

  • “To manage a $100k project by 2012”
  • “To get certified as a Project Manager and deliver my 1st project”
  • “To become a Program Manager, directing lots of projects”

3. You need an action plan

You can’t meet goals, unless you take action. This is often the hardest part. You don’t necessarily have to leave your job or change your life to do it. You just need to think about what it will take, to meet your goal—and then create a plan of attack.

List 3 things that you need to do each year, to meet your goal. The 3 things need to be easily achievable, or you simply won’t do them. For instance it might be to take on more responsibility, to manage larger projects or to improve your knowledge of project management.

Whatever it is, you need to write down a solid plan of attack if you’re serious about achieve your goal.

4. Then Stick to it

With a goal and action plan set, you’re ready to make a fresh start. Tell your family and friends about what it is that you’re going to achieve. Involve your boss and get their commitment. Get as many other people behind you to support you with it. They will regularly ask how you’re going and this will help motivate you to achieving it. With the support of friends and family, you can achieve anything in live!

5. Work Smart to Achieve it

The best way to kick-start your career is to become an over-achiever. You need to constantly achieve more than was expected of you. If you can do this, then you’ll be the first to be offered promotions, pay rises and other benefits that help you to achieve your goals.

To become an over-achiever, you need to use smart tools that help you plan and manage projects.