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Project Management Templates Released for Change Request Form

January 11 2010

New Project Management Templates Released for Change Request Form

Change on a project is inevitable.  It happens whether your are adequately tracking it or not.  In the long run, it’s critical to your project’s timeframe and budget success to do the best job you can tracking any and all project changes, and Method123 can help you do that through the use of the Change Request Form.
As Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd states, “The Change Request Form is the mechanism by which you and your team can easily and seamlessly document all project request.  Change happens and change request forms should always be part of any project management methodology.  Whether or not they get used, is another question.  With Method123’s Change Request Form template you will now have the tool you need to track all changes and your team will have no excuses documenting all change requests because it’s so easy and built right into the Method123 Online Project Management process.”

The Method 123 Change Form not only enables the project team to fully document all changes, it also is setup to help them identify the business reasons behind each change request, show the potential costs and performance benefits of incorporating the change, accommodate change priority, and show how the the approval and implementation of the requested change will affect the project overall.

Some changes fall through the cracks in terms of tracking, only to affect everyone later on.  Using the Change Form will help the Project Manager and project team avoid confusions and miscommunication by providing a formal process to identify upcoming changes before they happen, providing a more formalized approval process for each change, allow for more control over which changes are approved and scheduled, and provide a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of all tracked changes.

Unchecked and untracked changes lead to chaos on a project and no one knows that better than the experienced project manager.  These impacts of rogue and unapproved changes are often seen in the form of schedule slippages on the Project Plan, budget overruns, and customer dissatisfaction – all of which can be avoided through use of the Change Request Form and thus greatly increasing your project’s likelihood for success.

The Method123 Project Management Templates Change Request Form is an incredible tool and will step you and your team smoothly through the process of documenting the change, identifying the benefits, the priority and impact of each change, handling the change approval process and even allowing the inclusion of additional supporting documentation for the change such as revised budget information, technical specification documents from your technical team, or business case backup documentation from you or your customer.
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