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New Comprehensive Quality Plan Template

January 25 2010

New comprehensive Quality Plan template release announced by Method123

Method123 has just announced the release a new full-featured Quality Plan template as part of their overall Project Management Kit product offering.

Method123’s Project Management Kit provides the project manager and team with over 50 Project Management Templates.  The addition of this new Quality Plan template will definitely strengthen this industry leading software offering from Method123.

The act of creating Quality Assurance Plans and Quality Control Plans is a critical piece of the overall Project Management Templates for any organization.  However, it is an often-overlooked step in the Project Planning process.

Creating these plans at the beginning of the project enables the project manager and team to set quality criteria for the project that will be acceptable to the customer.  These plans are put in place to set guidelines for managing quality, how to measure and audit quality, and how to deal with quality issues when they arise.  Quality expectations of deliverables on the project are a major input to these plans and must be spelled out in detail so the project team knows how best to go about meeting customer expectations and getting deliverable signoff.

“Quality plans are often an afterthought on projects meaning when quality questions arise, there’s no plan in place on how to deal with them,” says Jason Westland, CEO of Online Project Management template leader Method123 Ltd.  “Every project has deliverables.  The project manager and the customer must layout how to measure quality on those deliverables so that they can be formally accepted.  Our full-featured template will guide the project manager through the paces of putting together these valuable plans for their projects.”

Like all the templates in their Project Management Kit, the Quality Plan contains detailed instructions, real-life sample information to help the user create meaningful sections of the document, and lots of tips and helps throughout to make production of the plan a breeze.

With Method123’s template, the project manager can create a Quality Plan to:

•    Document the customer’s requirements
•    Identify the project deliverables
•    Create quality goals and standards for each deliverable
•    Get agreement from the customer on acceptable deliverable quality criteria
•    Gain final signoff on deliverables based on the criteria in the document

“Getting to the end of a project phase and handing a deliverable to the customer is a major milestone.  However, realizing you have no set acceptance criteria in place for that deliverable can be a major problem,” says Westland.  “I’ve seen projects flounder for weeks over a single deliverable because acceptance criteria was never clearly defined.”

By using Method123’s Quality Plan template, that will never be a problem.  Details on each deliverable, the acceptance criteria specific to that deliverable, and how to handle questions and issues with deliverable quality and acceptance is all defined at the beginning of the project when the project manager uses this template.  Think of it as a roadmap to deliverable acceptance.  Once in place, both the project manager and the customer have the necessary policies in place to move forward.

For information on the Quality Plan template as well as all the templates contained in Method123’s Project Management Kit, please visit their site at