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Stay Focused on the End Project Management Templates

January 28 2010

From a daily standpoint, the Project Manager is interested in completing tasks, delivery status, communication and updates and getting to the end point of the day with both the delivery team and the customer team well informed and the proper progress made on the current tasks.

Daily View

Now, that does not mean that the PM needs an update on every single task every day.  That would be overkill.  However, the critical tasks and the tasks that may be in danger of causing the project timeline or budget to slide – basically what’s hot right now and what’s at risk – need to be watched daily.  At the end of the day, those are the tasks that the PM, the delivery team, and the customer team need to know are being taken care of and are still in alignment with the overall project goals and timeline.

Project View

From a project view standpoint, the end goals have already been set in the sales process with the customer, reviewed by the PM with customer during project kickoff, and well documented in the statement of work as well as the Project Plan. Ideally, those end goals are laid out in detail in the project plan that is being revised and delivered every week and reviewed as part of a formal weekly status meeting with the customer.

Everything that happens on the
Project Management Templates needs to be looked at with the project’s end goals in mind.  That includes issues that come up, risks that are reviewed and hopefully mitigated, and definitely any potential scope issues that arise.  All scope issues must be reviewed in detail and analyzed to ensure that additional work that must be performed is still in alignment with the project’s end goals and the customer’s “to-be” business processes.  If project changes in the form of change orders are not in alignment with the end goals of the project, then the SOW must go back for detailed review to ensure that these potential changes are not moving the delivery team and the customer off track leaving everyone with an end solution that, once implemented, will not satisfy the customer’s needs and goals for the project.


It is critical to not be blind once the project is underway.  It’s easy to get bogged down with the everyday tasks of managing a project and developing and implementing the customer solution.  What’s sometimes hard is maintaining the high-level view of the project’s end goals and ensuring that the final solution is still aligns with the customer’s wants and needs.