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New Resource Plan template announced by Method123

February 15 2010

Method123 has added another powerful Project Management Template to their Project Management Kit offering by releasing their latest template – the Resource Plan.

Designed to walk the user through the steps of planning all necessary resources for the project, this tool will become a critical piece of your company’s Project Management Methodology and practice.

“The upfront project planning process is key to project success,” states Jason Westland, CEO of Online Project Management leader Method123.  “No project manager wants to start an engagement short on resources.  By completing the key information in this template, the project manager can easily identify and document his needs for all types of resources that will be required on the project.”

Method123 is fast becoming a leader in the online project management marketplace.  With sales worldwide of over 1 million Project Management Kits, Method123’s place as a leader in this niche is set.  As with its other template offerings, this Resource Plan template is stocked full of the necessary help screens, sample sections and tips to make resource planning a snap for even the newest project manager.

The Resource Plan template will help the user determine:

– All types of resource positions required on the project
– Responsibilities and roles for each position
– Quantities of resources needed
– Labor hours estimated for each resource type
– What equipment types and quantities will be required
– What materials will need to be purchased for use on the project

Resource planning can be a mundane task and is often overlooked during the Project Planning process leaving projects understaffed or behind schedule due to resource issues.  Method123’s easy to use Resource Plan template will guide the user seamlessly through the process of identifying all people, equipment, and materials resources that will be required on the project.

As always, Method123 has included helpful tips and hints along with detailed instructions for completing the planning document.  It also contains real-life sample information to help the user successfully complete the information.

Once completed, the output from this template gives the project manager the documentation necessary to gain project sponsor signoff on the resource plan and get the project team ready to kickoff the project.

“By using our Resource Planning template, the project manager will know when to onboard each resource ensuring the most efficient use of project budget and effort,” says Westland.  “Adding resources too early or too late can be detrimental to the overall budget and timeline of the project.  Our planning tool takes the guesswork out of that onboarding process for the project manager.  It will become an essential project management template for the project manager.”

Using Method123’s Resource Plan template allows the project manager to create detailed schedules identifying the utilization of each resource throughout the project.  This is invaluable when sharing resources with other projects allowing for the most efficient usage possible of all your project resources.  It will help you know your project resources will be ready when you need them.

For more information on this and all of Method123’s product offerings, please visit their website at