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Method123 announces the release of their new Project Review Form

February 22 2010

The company that brought you the Project Management Kit stocked with over 50 key Project Management Templates has just announced the release of its new Project Review Form for the initiation phase of a project.

Method123’s latest offering will allow the user create this critical document directed at the project sponsor to let them know what objectives have been met as the project moves toward the planning phase.

As part of an overall Project Management Methodology, when the project team has completed a specific phase of the project, a project review is conducted.  The general concept of the project review is to review the phase just completed – in this case the initiation phase – and check project progress.  The objectives of the specific phase are reviewed to see if they have been met as part of the project team’s effort and progress on the phase.

This type of review and oversight allows the project sponsor a level of control over the progress of the project.  It can help those making decisions on the project to know whether a phase is appropriately completed and that the project is ready to move on to the next phase.

“Our Project Review Form for the initiation phase of the project will allow the key decision makers to evaluate the project status and make the right decisions on moving forward,” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.  “With this form in place and properly utilized, a company is ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks before allowing the project to move on into the project planning phase.”

By conducting a formal project management review and measuring the team’s progress on deliverables produced for the initiation phase, those overseeing the project can complete this Phase Review Form and present it to the project sponsor for review and approval.  This form ensures that the proper oversight has been performed and the key approvals are in place to allow the project to move forward.  Likewise, if objectives are still outstanding, then the form has the ability to duly note that and thus requiring further work before the project can move on to the planning phase.

Specifically, this form will help you capture:

– Whether the project is currently on schedule
– If the project is on target in terms of budget status
– If risks are being identified and managed against
– What issues have come up and what actions were taken
– How the project is handling scope changes

Method123’s Project Management Kit contains similar forms for the completion of the planning and execution phases as well so all bases are covered for your project management template needs.

“The forms and templates contained in the Project Management Kit are invaluable to a company’s project planning process.  They guide the Project Manager seamlessly through the completion of key project documents using built-in helps and tips along with detailed instructions,” states Westland.  “We’ve done our best to include some real-world examples in each form and template to make completing these documents as easy as possible.  Making project management easier is our top priority.”