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Project Management Template Job Description

March 8 2010

Method123 has just released its newest Project Management Template, the Project Job Description

Method123’s full-featured Project Management Kit product just got another boost with the release of the new Project Job Description template.

Identifying new roles on a project or even within an organization can become a rather mundane task.  Using normal shells and templates can leave the user with a job description that is too vague and doesn’t really fit the needs of the organization.  That all changes with this new Project Job Description template.

The uses for this template within a company are endless.  It can save much time and effort for the Project Manager or PMO director when working to fill new project roles.  But its usage is not limited – it can be used by any human resources department over and over again to create job descriptions for any position within the organization.  Finding the right person for every job just became a lot easier.

“We’re in the Project Management Methodology business, but our new Project Job Description template certainly jumps the project management template boundaries,” states Method123 CEO Jason Westland.  “Once they discover it, every HR manager in the country will want a copy – it will make their jobs easier overnight!”

Method123 has a history of creating very full-featured templates for the Project Planning processes that companies go through.  Often, they contain many real-world examples of meaningful text and examples to guide the user through the document creation process.  With over 1 million users of their products worldwide, Method123 has gained a foo¬thold as a major player in the project management marketplace.

“It is our goal to take much of the pain out of the project manager’s job as it’s already hard enough,” says Westland.  “We like to think that we have some responsibility for the many successful projects being delivered daily in the business world.  A happy user community is our #1 goal.”

With the Project Job Description template, the user will be able to:

– Fully define the role’s purpose and responsibilities
– Define position reporting relationships
– Layout the organizational chart
– Identify the experience and skills you’re looking for
– Document qualification requirements
– Define criteria for position performance
– Define working conditions
– Specify salary requirements

As is usually the case with any of Method123’s project management templates, the Project Job Description form will guide you through the entire process.  You’ll be provided with tips and hints, real-world examples of org charts, skill sets, and job description bullet points.  And the form’s full-featured instructions will ensure that every section is completed with the most detailed information possible.

“When you’re going through the project planning process, the last thing you need is HR issues getting in the way of filling the critical roles of your project in a timely fashion,” states Mr. Westland.  “Our template will guide you seamlessly through this process and you’ll gain inroads with the HR manager if you let them use the template, too.  Everyone will be happier!”

For more information on this and all of Method123’s offerings, visit their site at