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Project Charter Project Management Template

March 23 2010

New Project Charter template announced by industry leader Method123

To make the lives of every project manager a little easier, Method123 has just released its new Project Charter template as part of its ever growing Project Management Templates Kit product offering.

The Project Charter document is somewhat similar to a statement of work.  It lays out the reason for the project, the general requirements for it, the project objectives, the project scope, it’s major deliverables, resources required for the project, and overall roles and responsibilities.  It is basically a roadmap for the project.  Therefore, it is easy to understand its importance in the overall Project Management Methodology.

Creating the Project Charter is usually a difficult task.  It defines the project and the information for it comes in many forms and from many sources.  This alone can make compiling it into a useable and meaningful format a strenuous effort. It is the basis for getting the project off on the right foot and making sure that everyone understands the overall project vision and objectives and how the project is going to be implemented.  It contains critical information and therefore it must be done right to help ensure project success.

With the Project Charter template, the user will be able to:

– Document the high level vision for the project
– Incorporate all project objectives
– Provide information on deliverables for the project
– Identify the customers and stakeholders for the project
– Define all relevant roles and related responsibilities
– Display an organizational chart for the engagement
– Define the implementation roadmap for the project
– Document assumptions for later reference
– Identify risks and issues for tracking purposes

Method123’s Project Charter template gives you real-world examples to get every section of the charter document created in a useable fashion.  The template contains detailed instructions and help sections to guide experienced as well as newer users through the charter creation process.  Many items, such as the Project Plan for implementing the project are already included in sample format making the user’s job much easier.  And, as always with any template in the Project Management Kit, there are hints and tips included to help the user along the way.

“Our Project Charter template is very unique in that it takes what is normally a much-avoided, grueling task involved with creating this critical document and turns it into a very simplified process.  The result is a very detailed useable document when you’re finished,” states Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.

“Our online project management templates really simplify the project manager’s life.  You’ll be amazed at how much time is saved by using this new Project Charter template in your overall project planning process,” says Westland.

Method123’s templates are designed to take the guesswork out of the creation of critical project documents.  This new Project Charter template offering promises to do just that and make the project manager’s life much easier at the same time.  You’ll have one all-encompassing document to refer to that will accurately portray all the critical aspects of your project.

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