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Request for Information Project Management Template

April 24 2010

New Request for Information template release announced by Method123

Industry leader Method123 announces the release of their newest project management template – the Request for Information.

The Request for Information document is a tool used to provide potential suppliers with an opportunity to take part in the Invitation to Tendor process or Request for Proposal process.  By issuing this document to potential suppliers, a company can hopefully get enough information to decide whether or not to include them in the overall process of seeking a supplier for the business or project needs.

Method123’s new Project Management Template will help an organization complete the request for information process smoothly and get them ready to move into the actual vendor selection process with confidence.

“All companies want to do everything they can to select the right suppliers for their needs.  No one wants the headache of contracting with a supplier on a critical project only to find that they really can’t meet all of their needs,” states Jason Westland, co-founder and CEO of Method123 Ltd.  “A request for information must be detailed because it’s your chance to tell the suppliers what you need from them.  Our template will seamlessly guide you through the process of creating this critical piece of your overall project management methodology.”

With Method123’s project management template for the Request for Information document, the project manager will be able to:

– Define all of the needs from the potential suppliers
– Outline the procurement process for the suppliers
– Identify timeframes and rules for enlisting suppliers in the procurement process
– Make final selections of the right suppliers for the overall needs

The Request for Information template from Method123 is just one of more than fifty full featured templates offered as part of the company’s cornerstone product – the Project Management Kit.

“At Method123, we don’t think that any piece of the puzzle should be skipped just because it required too much time to put together,” says Westland.  “But essentially that’s what happens every day on projects.  Critical project planning documents are not produced because the project manager simply doesn’t have the time, tools or examples to create them.  Well, with our templates we’re minimizing the time, giving them the tools, and providing the examples.  Projects run smoother because of these templates.”

Indeed, Method123 stocks their templates full of features like tips and hints for creating the documents, detailed instructions to guide project managers and procurement specialists through the document creation process, and real world examples that helps even those less experienced individuals create the most professional and detailed documents possible.  You’ll look like an experienced pro when you create your documents with Method123’s project management templates.

Method123’s Project Management Kit is used by companies in more than 200 countries around the world to enhance their overall project management methodology.  And by continuing to release must have templates like the Request for Information template offering, the popularity of this suite is rising quickly.

For more information on the Project Management Kit offered by Method123, please visit their website at