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The Project Management Template – Guiding the Way to a Successful Project

May 1 2010

Project management software comes in a great variety. You should check out at least a few of them and weigh their pros and cons before deciding which one is best suitable for you. Once you have decided you need a project management application, you should then define your needs. Whether you need to track your time, your documentation, or your tasks better, you can be sure that there is, at least, one application for each need, and there ones that offer the full package.

There is no clear definition for project management software because it varies. However there is an ideal when it comes to project management software. This ideal contains, what are considered to be the six most important aspects of any capable project management software.

The first important aspect is the planning of a project. Many professional don’t even look at applications that don’t offer the possibility to visually display all the project’s tasks and their interconnection. This aspect is critical for any project, because it offers the possibility of to assess and allocate staff and financial resources.

Another important aspect of a successful project management software application

is task management. It gives a PM the possibility to define tasks, create deadlines, and better assign the staff.  It allows the user to estimate the hours needed to complete a task, whilst observing the impact of his decisions and keep an eye on individual team members.

Every project entails a large volume of documentation, and the option to store all the documents in one place, where everyone involved in the project can access it, especially if the team is divided and geographically remote. If you have high expectations from a project management software, then you probably want the possibility to share your documents through it, in order to ensure a better collaboration, and to avoid difficult situations with sharing.

Managing issues that occur in every project is a lot easier to do if your project management software gives you the possibility to track your conversations, rate your difficulties and better manage any updates, or even explain a problem by taking a screenshot of the problem.

Tracking time is equally important because you always need to know exactly how much time a team member need to complete a task, and how much time is actually being spent on that task. Many professionals use a separate time management software to keep track of the time spent on different tasks. One of the most beneficial of using a time management software is that works to increase both individual and overall productivity.

So what do you think is the best project management software for you? Are your team members located in different cities or countries? Do you really just need a good time management software, or do you also need a tool that lets you share documents and opinions effortlessly. These are the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to decide with tool suits you best.