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Project Management Templates – Excellent Tools for Project Success

May 3 2010

Project Management templates are an excellent tool for any project, large or small.  They reduce the time necessary for documentation, and can ensure no steps of the project are neglected.

  • Project Initiating Process Group Templates
    • Project Charter Template: The Project Charter is developed during the initiation phase to formally authorize a project. The Project Charter is required before any work on the project can begin.
      • Paragraph 1: Formally authorizes the project.
      • Paragraph 2: Project Scope – Its deliverable, and what business needs, problems or opportunities the project addresses.
      • Paragraph 3: Identify the Project Manager and give him authority to apply organization resources to the project
      • Paragraph 4: Provide the summary milestone schedule
      • Paragraph 5: Project Budget – state the budget for the project and identify funding sources
    • Preliminary Project Scope Statement: The Preliminary Project Scope Statement is created after the Project Charter has been signed. This Statement is completed during the Initiation Phase to ensure the successful planning of the project.
  • Project Planning Process Group Templates
    • Communications Management Plan Template: defines the communication requirements for the project and how the information is to be distributed.
    • Cost Management Plan Template: details how the project costs will be measured and reported upon. It indicates the control thresholds and the corrective actions to be taken if the thresholds are exceeded.
    • Procurement Management Plan Template: identifies the processes for evaluation, selection and management of procurements required for a project.
    • Scope Management Plan Template: ensures that the project includes the work and only the work necessary to successfully complete the project.
    • Project Management Plan Template: states how the project is executed, monitored and contolled and closed. These documents feed into the development of the project management plan.
    • Risk Register Template: a list of all project risks including their risk rankings, responses and risk owners.
  • Project Executing Process Group Templates
    • Expense Report Template: is designed for both domestic travel and International travel (a tab for each at the bottom of the spreadsheet).
    • Employee Annual Review Template: for conducting performance reviews. Useful as an annual review or as a tool for the Project Manager to perform an employee review.
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling Process Group Templates
    • Project Status Report
    • Project Change Request
    • Project Performance Report
  • Project Closing Process Group Templates
    • This document establishes formal acceptance of all the deliverables for the project.
  • Project Document Templates
    • Project Meeting Agenda Template: key to presenting a well planned and well executed meeting.
    • Project Meeting Minutes Template: clearly documents the discussion topics of the meeting, any decisions which were made and assigns new action items to individuals. Promptly distributing clearly written project meeting minutes is important to success in project management.

With so many project management templates available, it is easy for the project manager to find those that are the most applicable and useful for the project.  The initial time investment that a project manager makes in finding the right templates will save time during the project itself.