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What you need to know to start an Online Project Management

June 1 2010

What is online project management?

It is web based software that lets you manage your projects efficiently online or on the Internet. Gone are the days where you need to install software to each and every computer in your office for your team to have access and work on a project simultaneously with others. The modern technology of the Internet makes it possible for every computer to access the project database remotely without installing individual software.

How did online project management started?

Project management has been around since the 1900s when early architects planned on building infrastructures such as roads, bridges, railways and highways. It is a discipline wherein a process takes place that leads to a creation of an end product called a project, something that has never been created before or is revision of what has been created previously.

How did online project management evolved?

With the advancement in technology nowadays we are equipped with more ways to become efficient. Technology has paved way for better communication which is vital to every project management. Teams can now collaborate with each other without having to be present in one room. Through communication technology, we can conduct meetings remotely, send emails across the globe, do video and chat conferencing and many more which results to a more efficient way to manage people, time and resources. Businesses can cut costs for travel if meetings can be done remotely through video conferencing connecting project holders, clients and suppliers from different parts of the world in one virtual conference room where the project manager can present and discuss the project’s progress.

How to start online project management?

Online project management is available if different types. Some are designed with unique capabilities that are accustomed to the type of your project. The project manager can best choose what will fit and work for his project. You need to be able to have a reliable server since your work will mainly be connected to the Internet. A good and reliable server system is needed to ensure you don’t lose data and a back up system will be in place in case of a system crash or Internet connection loss.

After choosing the project software management that suits your needs you are set to go to a high tech way of managing and overseeing your project remotely. The common misconception of a lot of people is that project management software is too complicated to use so they just revert back to the traditional way of project management. What they don’t realize is that this project management software is actually user friendly. Its interface is created to adapt to those individuals who are not internet or computer savvy. Since the users will not always be computer technicians but other professionals in line with the project, complex software will need to be the least of their worries.

Effective project management can be achieved remotely using online project management software.  The benefits of remotely managing, tracking and planning for your project will surely help your project become a success.