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Key to an Effective Online Project Management

June 4 2010

Why one chooses online project management instead of the traditional way of project management? The evident answer: it makes things so much easier.

Project Management in itself is an array of different processes divided in phases called initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and closing. In each individual stage the project will undergo scheduling, managing of resource, budgeting and monitoring to make sure that the project runs smoothly and timely according to the scheduled time. The traditional project management process takes manual coordination between project management and team members. Meetings are held in a room wherein project manager initiates planning and everyone brainstorms on the possible challenges and risks that the project may take. Presentation of collated data and progress are presented to the board stakeholder and project sponsors in the same manner. This will go on recurrently as all team members would need to work closely with each other representing different departments or aspects of the project into one unified goal to produce deliverables in time and produce the project outcome successfully.

The convenience of online project management software comes in and makes all the processes of a traditional project management easier. How? By connecting each and everyone through the Internet. By doing this, collaboration will be easier as everything is available to each one in just one place. Data, progress updates and project memos exchanges can happen simultaneously through email and file sharing. Each team member will have access to the project’s database and he can access or connect to it any time or anywhere he has an Internet connection. Budget costs will be cut down since the project wouldn’t need to install project management software on each computer, just purchase a web based software and you can connect to that server through the use of multiple computers.

With the use of online project management, meetings can be done virtually through web conferencing, video conferencing, chat and live video streaming. The technology that brings people together from different parts of the world can be used in project management for presentations to clients, planning and project tracking. Presentation templates and Gantt charts are also available to help you provide a graphic illustration of your project presentation not only to project stake holders but to your team members as well. There are also software available to manage risks, budget and resource supplies. The project manager will have a comprehensive view of how the project is doing. Scheduling tasks and assignments will be easier as well as monitoring the project milestones of each task assigned.

One can effectively pace his work and produce deliverables on time saving time and budget. Work organization will be spread out among team members and the project manager will be able to determine which aspect needs focus and group management. Information dissemination will be easier to facilitate needed changes in the project.

The list of benefits goes on but the main things that you will need to consider are that online project management provides you an easier, cost effective and efficient way to manage your projects.