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The significance of a Project Dashboard in your Project’s success

June 8 2010

In a fast paced world we live in today, a lot of people utilize technology as much as they can to keep up with the everyday tasks they need to accomplish both personally and professionally. In the workplace, an individual needs to perform in order to deliver results that will keep him his job. It’s like a jungle out there and each and every one of us are trying hard to survive.

Project managers experience this much stress especially as they are accountable to a project’s success. And each project manager is strongly encouraged to utilize project management software technology to make people management easier to facilitate.

As we advance through technology people are now more aware on the importance of having information readily available. Through the introduction of the Internet a significant change in information technology has taken place. Information is now available anywhere just as long as you are connected through the World Wide Web. This is an advantage for project managers who always need information at their fingertips to evaluate their project’s success. Because one cannot stay in the work office 24 hours a day to monitor your people’s work and hours, a manager will need to make use of an automated way of tracking the project’s status and progress. A project manager can use a project dashboard to do that. It is representation of a project’s status that is updated and easily understood. It will be more effective if it will be shown publicly to your team members so that they will now how they are doing in terms of the project’s progress.

There are key indicators like schedule, milestones, and progress percent that will display the current state of the project and will help determine present and future challenges. Using this data one can easily modify the risk areas and take the necessary corrective action.

A project dashboard evaluates the project’s performance and metrics as well as monitors the progress of a project. Using this tool will remarkably make it easier for you to present the data to your project stakeholders and in a glance they will be able to evaluate if the project is going well. Contrarily it can be beneficial to show if the project is having challenges and difficulties for this will help in decision making and finding resolution.

Key features you need to consider in choosing project management dashboard software are: in can easily be modified and customized; can be accessed through the Internet and can be integrated in your other project management software tools.

Just like a car’s dashboard, a project management dashboard will be able to guide you as you go through your project. It will show valuable information such as project schedules, deadline, timelines and resources. All these information are correlated to each other for better evaluation data presentation.