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The Right Project Template for your Business

June 10 2010

The project template is from the creators of Project Management software that many companies are relying on today. Their all inclusive approach to helping project managers’ multitask in this competitive business world is giving them the tools to get an edge on the competition.

For most computer users that have been around for years, they can remember when the first Excel and Lotus 123 programs came out. The time-saving features of being able to place calculations in the cells, along with referencing the different cells, revolutionized the way business was conducted on computers.

But like all things, nothing stands still or is idle for long and business needs soon expanded. These new demands of what was possible with a computer to fit their requirements needed a new approach. This is where the professionals at Project Manager and their project templates come into play.

A project template will not only save you time, money, and effort but they will increase the efficiency of your business. The project template that can be provided for you will have incredible detail, along with the proper use of charts and tables, to clarify any statistic needed by your company.

The project templates were made to conform to known worldwide standards of PMI and Prince2 so there will be no-compliance issues from regulatory agencies.

Not only do these templates look good but they help with reducing the time in creating needed documents for your business presentation on a project or report. This makes them, and your managers, more efficient with their time allocation so more progress can be accomplished on the projects they are assigned to.

These project templates are not something that is brand new. To date, there are over one million users that all utilize these templates as part of their business. This includes Disney, Intel, Dell Oracle, Apple, Shell, Bank of America, and UNICEF.

With so many top companies using them, you can rest assured all of the little bugs that plague other software programs have already been worked out and removed.  The flow of a project template starts with the initialization of the project, then on to the planning, execution, and closure of the project – all with professionally created templates.

There are many examples of excel templates, but if you wish to try a project template before you make a purchase. There are examples that you can download for free on the home site of Method123.