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Free Project Management Templates for Business

June 15 2010

There are free project management templates that are designed to give a business manager an idea of how useful this business tool can be for them to use. In most cases, this free tool can be divided into two separate categories.

The first category of free project management templates is the one that is offered by an individual or group with no option of payment other than donations. Most of these are open source programs that anyone can modify or make adjustments to.

These are a nice place to start to see what is out there. Most of them are web based systems that once you have a version, no more changes can occur unless you update it from the website. Others are collaborations that are of a web service base. This way, anyone can contribute to them. This is a constantly changing set of templates that might fit your needs one day and be modified the next to where it may no longer be applicable you your business needs.

The second type of free project management templates is proprietary. These are set templates that will not be modified. If they are web based, the user can download them onto their computer and use them as they see fit. This category can be broken down into separate types.

The first type is outdated versions of project management programs in which the updated version is being sold for a profit. They are reliable, but there are better ones out there. The second type of free project management templates in this category are being offered by companies that have an up to date version of their business management program for sale. To entice prospective buyers to their program, they offer a glimpse of what they have to offer.

These free project management templates are then the latest versions that can be very beneficial to a project manager. They are working examples of what a company’s product is made up of. This gives a project manager first hand experience to the quality and workmanship of what they can expect, if the entire package is purchased.

In most cases, this last type of free project management templates is the best way to preview a company’s product to make sure it is compatible with your existing systems.