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Excel Project Template Used in the Business World

June 17 2010

The Excel project template is used in the business offices across the nation and the world. Once you know their purpose and how to use them, they can simplify the job for which they are intended. All of them are constructed on an Excel spreadsheet as a foundation which many people in the business world know how to use.

When a business decides to use an Excel project template as part of their business plan, there are two options available. The first is to have someone in the office that knows how to create the different functions a spreadsheet is capable of to create what is needed. The second is to find a spreadsheet on the internet that either meets the needs, or is close, that can be modified to fit the business needs.

This platform for a spreadsheet is somewhat versatile with the ability to not only calculate data points but also insert graphs and charts. The data and the graphs or charts have the ability to interact with each other so an Excel project template can be created and reused for weekly or monthly reports. If the user knows how to do it, color can be injected into the template to increase the effectiveness of the template and the final report. But since most reports are printed out on a black and white printer, most do not incorporate color.

One persistent problem with using a Excel project template is when a user changes the formula in a cell. By changing just one number or reference in a cell, it could invalidate the entire spreadsheet. To prevent this, many users place a password on the cells that lock the references in place. This does prevent the purpose of the spreadsheet from being changed.

The problem some companies have then is when the person that placed the password on the spreadsheet leaves the company. Many have been known not to notify another member of the business about the password. This forever locks the spreadsheet in place and no modifications can ever occur in the future.

An Excel project template is a handy and versatile tool for business to use. There are limitations in their use, especially in business that need to validate their software systems to industry standards.