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What to Look for in Project Management Templates

June 19 2010

Project management templates are continuously proven to provide managers the results they need.  They do not only help in saving effort, time and money but it also gives out a hundred percent assurance that all the phases and aspects of a certain project are basically included in the overall coverage of the project plan. But a project management template should also be thoroughly studied and analyzed before one should make the decision of applying it for the project.  You cannot just grab any project template you have searched without thinking of its suitability to the project you are presently holding.

Project templates for it to work and provide the most essential benefits to the project managers and the completion of the project must be able to have the following factors:

1.  Define Project Responsibilities.  The template should be able to make identifications and determine who hold the responsibilities for the project.  This factor actual involves two project management aspects, the tasks and the team members.

2.  Stakeholder Analysis.  A good template should be able to define the analysis the stakeholders have for the project.  This help in generating facts that enable project managers determine whether the project is most likely to receive positive feedbacks or not.

3.  Risk Log.  An effective project template should also be able to define the risks associated in the current project.  This helps managers determine what methods and steps they are about to take to reduce and eliminate this risks and how they are going to make the project less complicated and risky.

4.  Actual versus Planned.  The template must be able to differentiate and effectively compare planned results to actual results for it to be referred to as positively working.  This is a huge help in finding signs that may signify that the planned results are impossible to reach and taking the necessary step for this to be made possible.

These are few of the things and factors that every project manager must look for in a project template.  If a project manager wants to succeed in his project and eliminate all the things that will make it possible for the project to fail, it is important that these factors will be considered before the actual application of the template to the project.