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A Ready-To-Use Business Case Template

June 24 2010

To have a business case template that is ready to be used, it first needs to be created. There are two approaches to this. A person within the company can be assigned this task, or a business management program can be purchased. There are also a few available online, but time will need to be taken to properly modify them to fit the business needs of the company. This has to be done along with following the company format.

To create a business case template, the first page must be a title page. This should include the company’s name and the purpose for the template or the department it will originate from. This should be done in bold print to emphasize it.

A summary should be next. This is where bullet points on the main topics that will be covered should be clearly defined. For the best results, make sure the benefit the company provides to its customers is emphasized, along with any positive economic factors.

The next section of a business case template is what is referred to as the story-telling section. This is where in-depth details on the subject matter should be clearly reported. In most cases, a business was hired to solve a problem or fill a need. Titles like “the Challenge” or “The Problem” can be used. This section should be concise and to the point. Avoid being to wordy.

The solution or the steps the company took to resolve the problem is the next section in a business case template. The original proposal on solving the problem or how the obstacles and challenges that were met along the way were overcome should be documented in their correct order. This is where the solutions that were applied are not only described in detail, but how they can be useful to the businesses or industry as a whole.

The ending summary should be a detailed account of the entire process involved to complete the business case template. Some call this telling of the story in a full circle fashion. This is the place the whole picture of the situation should be expressed with why it was necessary and the steps taken to solve the situation.