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To Write Business Case Takes Experience

June 24 2010

To write business case involves many different facets of a business that the writer should have knowledge in. For many that are assigned this task, a business case template is where they start. If you or your company does not have such a template in place, then the following will assist you in this important task.

Knowing how to write business case and what should be present in it is very important. A project’s approval or a department’s needed acquisition will depend on how well-written and structured your business case is put together. To start your business case, you should first have all the financial information pertaining to your project on hand for easy reference.

When you are writing your business case, including all pertinent information is important. This is a financial document that sets forth the justification for the expenditures you are requesting. The first page is the title page with clearly states the focus of the report.

Inside the document has to be why, what, when, where, and how the project is needed. This is close to what is needed in a press release, so asking for assistance from the marketing department might be useful. The purpose is to sell the project to the upper management with the facts that are relevant.

To write business case has to include why the project is needed. Make sure you include how the project will solve any problem that the company is facing or give the company an opportunity it did not have before. Describe in detail the recommendations to achieving the goals of the project and the benefits of the project itself. There has to be more than just a revenue stream, in most cases.

When you write business case, also include when the benefits or solutions from the project can be expected. In some cases, the benefits are down the road. These needs to be clarified so instant results are not expected. Include all the resources, people, and the scheduling of time in this report so a plan can be visualized by the reviewers of the document.

The last part when you write business case should be what can occur if the project is not approved. Do not make this a doomsday scenario, but point out any adverse consequences such as if a competitor is already working on this same type of project.