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A Business Case Example for Your Company

June 28 2010

The right business case example for your company is generally dependant on what other project managers have submitted before. Unfortunately, not all project managers within a company work together. Many are pinned up against each other in a competitive setting to get the most out of them. This is the view of some upper management and their style of doing business.

For this reason, a previous business case example might not be readily available. If this is the case with your company, then your job is harder than most. What you need to know is what format and type of presentation has worked successfully in the past. If all else fails, use a business case template from your project management software.

This kind of approach will give your business case example with a starting point. Just keep in mind that the goal is to gain a financial commitment form upper management for your project or endeavor. The template will give you the framework to construct a solid argument on why your project should receive their backing.

A well constructed business case example will be very thorough with every aspect of the project it is explaining. When writing it, the project manager should remember that this document will be used throughout the project by more than just himself. This is a guide for the upper management to follow and helps them know if timetables and milestones are being kept.

For those that are confident that their business case example will be approved, the project plan should be initiated with the details that will be needed to carry out the project. If the business case is written correctly, all of its components will be placed into the project plan in the beginning. The issues that pop up during the progress of the project are where the difference will lie.

A good template will give your business case example a foundation to start with. With a solid foundation, a project’s approval and successful completion will have a better chance.

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