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An International Business Case What is Vital

June 29 2010

The international business case has to take a different approach to the project because of the different factors that are involved with non-domestic markets. These factors that need to be considered are the local market, the customs of the people in the target area, and the regulations of the government where you have decided to do business.

With an international business case, the first step would have to be a feasibility study to see if the possibility of a profit is even possible. Obvious examples of a business and projects that would fail are a beef industry in India, or an ice machine to Eskimos.

Knowing the market so the appropriate international business case can be drawn up is vital to it success. The way business is conducted in many countries around the world vary considerably. Just because you have a great product that is a great seller in one area, does not mean it can sell in another. In many cases, it is the way business is done that interferes with the production of the revenue stream.

Before the international business case can be written, a visit to the particular location where the business will be transpiring has to be done. In most developed countries, there is a standard practice that follows the legal norms for most locations. But this is not the case in developing countries.

In some developing countries, the local politicians make a living from receiving “gifts” from the business community in their area. There is no pattern and this is not advertised by anyone. A personal visit before the international business case is written is the only way to find the facts of an area.

The gratuity that will be expected does vary and has to be known, for an accurate international business case with a realistic revenue stream. This must be included so there are no surprises. This is the only way to gain approval of this project, and any others in the future you may want to present.

The core of an international business case is the same as a domestic proposal, with these few exceptions. Knowing this can save your company a lot of money, and you from the embarrassment of not having all the facts right.